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Company Profile

Company Profile

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  1. The basic situation of the company     

  Caofeidian Holding Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 with a registered capital of 1473.9 million yuan and the legal representative is Liu Yongdong. Among them, Tangshan Caofeidian Development Investment Group Co., Ltd. contributed RMB 825.75 million in cash, accounting for 56.0248%; Caofeidian National Investment Group Co., Ltd. contributed RMB 648.15 million in cash, accounting for 43.9752%. Business scope of the company: land consolidation; infrastructure construction and management; port engineering construction; consulting services for project investment and guarantee; wholesale and retail: coal (no storage), coke (no storage), steel, building materials (no lime) , Furnace charge, iron ore, limestone, rubber products.

  2. The company's main projects

  (1) Port business

  The port segment is the company's main business segment and currently includes two projects.

  1. The general berth project for comprehensive port protection.

  The project was built and operated by Tangshan Caofeidian Integrated Free Trade Zone Port Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Comprehensive Insurance Port), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company. It was established on November 21, 2012. The main service object is Caofeidian Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, which is a comprehensive insurance The only supporting terminal in the district is an important supporting infrastructure for the comprehensive protection zone. Legal representative: Yang Bao Hua, registered capital: 320 million yuan, business scope: port investment; engaged in cargo warehousing services in the port area; construction and management of ports and supporting facilities; provision of dock facilities for ships; supply of materials for sailing ships; sailing ships Supply of daily necessities; container stacking, loading and unloading, unpacking services. The company has two subsidiaries, Tangshan Caofeidian Comprehensive Free Trade Zone Noah International Logistics Co., Ltd. and Tangshan Caofeidian Comprehensive Free Trade Zone Xinlicheng Tally Co., Ltd.

  The comprehensive berth 1# and 2# general berth projects have a total investment of 810 million yuan. The project trial operation license was obtained on December 2, 2016. The port was officially opened on July 8, 2017, and the terminal was successfully completed at the end of January 2018. acceptance. In 2018, the cumulative throughput was 2.6 million tons, including 580,000 tons of bulk cargo, 1.83 million tons of steel, and 7382 TEU for containers.

  2. Participate in Caofeidian Port Group Co., Ltd., with an investment of 450 million yuan, accounting for 10% of the shares, and the current annual income is about 30 million yuan.

  (2) Commodity trading business

  Tangshan Caofeidian Jiahesheng Industrial Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Caofeidian Holding Group Co., Ltd., established on August 27, 2013, with registered capital of 100 million yuan and paid-in capital of 50 million yuan. Legal representative: Yang Baohua, domiciled in Caofeidian Bonded port area of ​​industrial zone. The company's business scope: wholesale and retail: coal, coke, steel, copper, aluminum, building materials, furnace materials, iron ore, ferrous metal mineral products, limestone, scrap metal recycling and wholesale. Since the establishment of the company, it has actively carried out trade cooperation and continued to expand the trade field. It has cooperated with Shouwang Trading Co., Ltd. to develop Shougang Inner Mongolia's thermal coal business and Shougang Jingtang's high-calcite business; and cooperated with Jiawang New Energy to carry out Jiemaotong Mongolian coal blending business. 1. Huashengtong’s coal distribution business; cooperated with Qian’an Minxiang to develop Liaoning Chengda Iron Fine Powder business; cooperated with Hebei Zhanzhuo to develop Yantai Power Plant’s electric coal business, Hunan’s Linli coal business, Siping coal business, Panshi coal business.

  (3) Real estate development business

  1. Caofeidian New Town Real Estate Project. The project is responsible for the construction of Tangshan Caofeidian Jiaxiang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company. At present, it has completed the development of the new city commercial office space and Qinglonghu commercial street project. This project is a combination of catering, shopping, leisure and entertainment. The comprehensive commercial development project has a total investment of 180 million yuan, an area of ​​49,000 square meters, and a construction area of ​​about 35,000 square meters. At present, the project has sold about 8,000 square meters, leased about 9,000 square meters, and used it for about 3,000 square meters. 5500 square meters, about 10,000 square meters for sale.

  2. Zuidong Real Estate Project. MCC Fangzhou Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. is responsible for the implementation, which is a real estate development company established by Caofeidian Holding Group Co., Ltd., MCC Times Real Estate Co., Ltd. and Tangshan Fangzhou Industrial Co., Ltd. at 33.5%, 33.5%, and 33%. At present, Zuidong shantytown renovation project and Zuidong Haixin Market project are mainly developed. The Zuidong shantytown project has a total investment of 320 million yuan and occupies an area of ​​117.75 acres. It has been built into Xinxiang District of Haixiang. The building and supporting facilities have a total construction area of ​​98,300 square meters. Among them, 18 new 6-story residential buildings and supporting public buildings are built. The residential area is 90,668 square meters, and the supporting public construction is 7,666 square meters. At the same time, supporting water, electricity and network projects are being built. At present, the project has been completed and has been put into use. The 14,000-square-meter construction of the first phase of the Zuidong Haixin Market Project has been completed and put into use, with a total investment of 60 million yuan.

  (4) Finance and other businesses

  Financial investment projects:

  1. Set up a wholly-owned subsidiary Caofeidian Guarantee Co., Ltd. to engage in financing guarantee business, mainly providing financing guarantee services for district-owned enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals, in order to solve the current general financing difficulties.

  2. Participation in Tangshan Bank Co., Ltd. (accounting for 6.52%). Tangshan Bank has provided important financial support in support of Cao Feidian's continuous and stable development and construction. The company's shareholding in Tangshan Bank has not only optimized its shareholding structure and strengthened its credit business investment capabilities, but also optimized its own asset structure and business structure, which has enhanced the company's asset strength and social image. This part of the equity investment will generate stable cash flow for the company, which can effectively improve our company's financing ability and better finance from other financial institutions.

  (5) Other business: In addition to the above main sectors, the company's business also involves land refueling platforms and other aspects.

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