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Established in April 2009, the Company is put under the management of Caofeidian Industrial Zone authority at the beginning of this year. Now the Company’s organizational structure is being enhanced to improve performance. The Company has applied to the Party Committee of the Industrial Zone for its approval in establishing sub-committees to follow Party leadership and enforce disciplinary inspection. Although such committees are yet to be approved, the Company has established the system to mete out punishment and ensure prevention, and to improve Party conduct and uphold integrity. Guided by the principle of "keeping in alignment with central leadership, thinking in big-picture terms, building well-structured systems and providing strong support", the Company has attached great importance to raising awareness of the need to fight against corruption, strengthened supervision, improved the institutions to punish and prevent corruption through concrete actions and made notable progress in every aspect.     
I. Raising awareness of the need to combat corruption and uphold integrity, and building up psychological defenses against corruption and degeneracy
First, the Company has strengthened education about ideals and convictions. We are fully aware that they are fundamental issues that influence people's mindsets, actions, pursuits and direction. The most dangerous moment is when one wavers in or begins to show doubt about one’s ideals and convictions. If that happens, one will lose his moral compass, political direction, as well as healthy and positive attitude to work and life. In this way, he will inevitably succumb to the temptation of power, money and sex, and taste the bitter fruit. Therefore, the Company requires that all Party members keep firmly in mind the Party’s purpose, embrace the right worldview, outlook on life and values, adopt a philosophical attitude about personal gains and losses, and never slacken their efforts in strengthening self-discipline. They should develop self-respect while examining their conduct, remaining vigilant against potential dangers and pursuing excellence. In this way, they can resist all kinds of temptations in the context of reform and opening-up and market economy, and maintain personal integrity.     
Second, the Company has launched a targeted awareness campaign about moral integrity for key personnel like heads of departments, and the people who have the capacity to manage personnel, disburse funds and allocate resources. Through case studies analyzing both exemplary deeds and wrongdoings, Party members and other trainees have learnt lessons that they should refrain from obtaining ill-gotten gains and trading power for sex, always keep in mind disciplines and professional ethics, and remain vigilant against corruption.   
Third, the Company has established a sound mechanism for effective awareness campaign to combat corruption and uphold integrity, fostering a company culture that values integrity. The campaign is integrated into the Company’s overall planning for publicity campaign, featuring unified leadership of the Party committee, the organization of publicity department, the coordination of discipline inspection and supervision department, and the synergy between other departments. It is worth noting that the campaign to uphold integrity is in sync with our business activities. That is, work assignments in both areas are simultaneously planned and reviewed, and exemplary workers are rewarded on the same occasion. We are keenly aware that such campaign will not change minds if it does not take an appealing form. Thus we incorporate the campaign into the fostering of company culture underpinned by the philosophy "touching souls, establishing people and building character". We are determined to build a team whose members uphold integrity, have noble character and are well-cultured. Supported by these people, the Company fosters the culture that enables workers to live in harmony and "revere integrity as something beautiful and honorable".     
II. Improving management system and establishing a mechanism to safeguard against corruption and degeneracy
Institutions are of fundamental, overall and long-lasting importance, and are closely related to the stability of an organization. The key to preventing and rooting out corruption is to establish effective institutions. Therefore, in accordance with relevant state regulations, taking into account actual conditions, the Company has established institutions that clearly define how to manage affairs, personnel, finance and resources. The institutions enable us to have people accountable for their conduct, mete out punishment and reward role models, laying a solid foundation for modernizing corporate governance and playing a crucial role in combating corruption at the very beginning.    
1. The Company has improved democratic decision-making system to standardize decision-making process on major issues. Considering that the success of a company hinges on the decision of its operators, we are determined to establish the institutions that are conducive to promoting democratic, sound decision-making. First, acting on the principle of democratic centralism, we recognize that, when deciding on major issues like the introduction of major policies, the appointment and dismissal of key personnel, the investment of landmark projects and the use of large-amount funds, we must follow the process of “collective leadership, democratic decision-making and group discussion before reaching decisions at meetings”. We cannot afford to run against this procedure and let one person have his or her own way. Second, based on the principle of openness and fairness, we have formulated discussion rules for management team and authorization rules for the board of directors. We have reached the consensus that issues concerning the medium- and long-term development plans of state-owned enterprises (SOEs), annual plans for investment and production, annual initiative for state-owned capital management and financial budget, capital increase and share expansion and asset management must be approved and deliberated by the management team through group discussions before being submitted to the board for approval. This procedure guarantees democratic, sound decision-making, avoiding backroom deals and debunking the myth of decision-making.  
2. The Company has improved financial and funding management system to standardize funding management which lies at the heart of corporate governance. Therefore, we have subjected ourselves to rigorous standards. First, we have established and improved accounting control system to strengthen the management, review and supervision of financial revenue and expenditure. Second, we have improved financial management mechanism. A dedicated management model for financial personnel is put in place, and appointment system for chief account and accounting personnel is improved, so as to strengthen supervision and evaluation of financial personnel. Third, we have enabled that the division of labor between the authorization, execution and supervision of financial management is implemented, so as to clearly define the duties and functions of financial personnel and prevent illegal and fraudulent accounting practices. Fourth, we have established approval system for fund use and regular auditing system, so that the use of large-amount funds are tracked and supervised on a regular basis to ensure the safe operation of corporate funds. Fifth, we have enhanced the management of unauthorized departmental coffers and concealed accounts. The departments of Party-People Engagement, Finance and Audit have joined hands to strengthen control and supervision over such coffers and accounts to ensure malpractices in this regard are spotted and prevented at the earliest possible time.
3. The Company has improved the purchase and sale system of materials and equipment to regulate the use of resources. Acutely aware that such purchase and sale process is prone to corruption, we have paid greater attention to strengthening management in this area. First, we have established an honest contract system, and see that people honor their commitment to the purchase and sale of materials and equipment. Second, we are dedicated to increasing governance transparency. The purchasing process is open to the public, complete with a competitive bidding system that draws comparisons between qualities and prices. In this way, hidden power is for the public to scrutinize, and decentralized power is centralized for the greater good. Third, we have standardized procedures for internal logistics, and adopted the system for the separation of duties. Meanwhile, we have improved a mechanism to exercise checks over the procedures like material procurement, equipment testing, fund settlement and contract management, so as to prevent the loss of state-owned assets.
4. The Company has improved the system to address prominent problems in construction and to standardize project management. We have followed the guidance of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the provincial, municipal and Industrial Zone management committees. By taking into account our actual needs, we have taken targeted measures to address prominent problems that plague building and construction business. We have made breakthroughs in identifying key areas and procedures that are ridden with these problems. As soon as they are identified, we trace their roots, and take the following measures: standardizing decision-making and bidding and tendering process, enhancing the management of building process and quality, strengthening the supervision over material procurement and fund use, so as to establish permanent mechanisms to supervise construction business. At the same time, in accordance with state law on bidding and tendering, we have improved management system in this regard, and strengthened supervision over the whole process covering the determining of bidders, bid selection, and the signing of contract. We have also established and improved the "double-contract system". Such winning combination includes a normal business contract, and the other one to promote integrity and strengthen supervision at the very beginning of business dealings.    
III. Strengthening supervision to ensure compliance with corporate regulations
We, as a production unit with profits as the main purpose, are glad to find that if we strike a balance between our business priorities, including project development, engineering and construction, material procurement, safety management, quality control and financial management, and the campaign to improve Party conduct and uphold integrity, we can achieve twice the result with half the effort.
1. We have strengthened supervision over four areas: major decisions, the appointment and dismissal of key personnel, the planning of major programs and the use of large-amount funds, so as to always keep an eye on power, decision-making and conduct. This vigilance enables us to root out corruption at its source and fully implement the Scientific Outlook on Development.  
2. We have strengthened the management and supervision over the conduct of company officials. Acting in strict compliance with the rules on integrity and self-discipline set by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, and the "Several Provisions on the Integrity of SOE Officials" in particular, we have made the supervision over officials as our top priority. We have improved the institution concerning the self-reporting of major events in one's personal life, introduced the system on reporting performance and integrity by officials, and implemented the system about dynamic monitoring of the appointment, performance, evaluation and dismissal of officials. At the same time, "four key supervisions" over officials have been implemented. That is, key supervision over key personnel, including Party leaders and heads of departments, and young officials; key supervision over key areas, posts, and programs which are prone to corruption; key supervision over key moments like national holidays when officials are more likely to be invited to banquets and other forms of entertainment; and key supervision over key venues where officials are engaged in networking activities. Our goal is to exercise supervision wherever officials' power lies and whatever activities officials engage.     
3. We have improved supervision mechanism to achieve more effective results. To keep in alignment with modern corporate system and the requirement of building a system to mete out punishment and ensure prevention, the Company has made "three-pronged efforts" and established "three supports". As for the former, we include the board of supervisors mandated by corporate governance regulations, the discipline inspection agency affiliated with Party committee, and the audit department under the guidance of general manager to be involved in supervision. As for the latter, the supervision work is supported by every working group, every department and the entire company. The three-pronged efforts and three supports allow us to establish an all-around supervision mechanism at every point in the process, combining forces at the primary level and the leadership, internal supervisor and external organization, and dedicated department and ad hoc working group.  
IV. Taking new approaches to root out corruption at its source  
To prevent and root out corruption at its source, we must start with deepening company reform, get priorities right, introduce new mechanisms, and improve the system to mete out punishment and ensure prevention.
1. Improve the corporate governance structure and form a power balance mechanism. Since its establishment, the company has been operating in strict accordance with modern enterprise standards, establishing and improving the meeting and discussion system of the board of shareholders, the board of directors and the board of supervisors, combining the "new three meetings" (the board of shareholders, the board of directors and the board of supervisors) with the "old three meetings" (the Party committee, the leadership office meeting and the job representative meeting), and achieving effective power balance through reasonable adjustment of power structure. For the "hot spot" positions in charge of personnel, finance, materials, engineering management, etc., the authority shall be clearly defined, and the planning, approval, procurement, acceptance and settlement shall be separated. The discipline inspection and supervision departments shall participate in the work, and the departments shall be responsible for each other and restrict each other, forming a crisscross supervision and restriction mechanism.
2. Deepen the reform of personnel employment system. The company has gradually established a new mechanism for selecting and employing personnel, improved the system of selecting and employing personnel, such as competitive recruitment, evaluation, selection, resignation, dismissal and job avoidance, job rotation and exchange, investigation and investigation for negligence, promoted the system of open recruitment and competitive employment, and improved the relevant procedures and methods for the supervision of the board of supervisors, discipline inspection and supervision, and financial audit. We will implement the performance appraisal system, improve the compensation system and reward and punishment system for the company's leaders, formulate the company's job consumption system, and further deepen the reform of the company's distribution system.
3. Deepen the reform of the company's asset management system. The first is to implement the asset management responsibility and promote the operation in accordance with the law; the second is to improve the performance appraisal system of the company's principals at all levels and implement the operation responsibility; the third is to monitor and analyze the property right transaction. The company has established Caofeidian property right transaction center jointly with the basic investment company and Hebei property right transaction center, which has standardized the property right transaction process of the state-owned assets and prevented the flow of the company's state-owned assets. Fourth, the company has established a capital operation budget system, standardized capital operation, focused on controlling operating costs, and implemented the responsibility of maintaining and increasing the value of the company's assets and preventing the loss of assets.
In the first half of the year, the company's punishment and prevention system construction and the construction of party conduct and clean government have made some achievements under the high attention of the discipline and Work Committee of the industrial zone and the leadership of the company and the strong cooperation of all departments and subsidiaries, but there is still a certain gap compared with other brother units, and many works still need to be improved.
First, from the source, we will further improve the system of punishment and prevention and the system of building a clean and Honest Party style. The company will further improve the rules of procedure and decision-making procedures of the leading group, standardize the operation procedures such as "three major and one major", improve the system of honest and clean government talk to new cadres, admonishment talk to cadres with reflection and problems at the early stage, democratic life meeting system for leading cadres, honest and clean reporting by leading cadres, establishment of honest and clean government archives, report on major personal matters and income declaration, etc., and establish and improve the discipline The Committee assists the Party committee in organizing the implementation measures of anti-corruption work, the implementation measures of the company's efficiency supervision work, the implementation opinions of the company on strengthening the construction of leading cadres' work style, the implementation measures of the responsibility system for the construction of the party's style and clean government, the responsibility decomposition and inspection and examination standards for the construction of the party's style and clean government, and the management measures for the self owned funds of secondary units, etc. At the same time, the commitment of cadres should be recorded in the file of personal integrity, included in the assessment, strengthened the integrity and self-discipline of leading cadres, and ensured that every work link is under the supervision of a rule-based system.
Second, strengthen responsibility management and implement the target responsibility system of clean government at all levels. The company will take the responsibility system for the construction of the party conduct and clean government as the starting point, further refine and standardize the responsibility objectives, responsibility decomposition, responsibility assessment and responsibility investigation, make leaders at all levels clear about "one post and two responsibilities", and practically do a good job in the construction of the party conduct and clean government within the scope of responsibility, and run through the company's operation and management. The first person in charge of the party and government team of all departments and subsidiaries of the company signed the letter of responsibility for the construction of party conduct and clean government with the Secretary of the Party committee and the general manager of the company. At the same time, we will hang the commitment of cadres above the middle level in the letter of responsibility on the bulletin board and accept the supervision of cadres and employees. Through signing responsibility letters at all levels and implementing them at all levels, the construction of party conduct and clean government is included in the annual work objectives, objective management is carried out, the implementation is enhanced, and the assessment results are directly linked with the performance salary of cadres, which promotes the party and government cadres to take the initiative to perform their duties, and the management is really carried out.
All in all, in the second half of this year, we will have a greater sense of responsibility, enable the disciplinary inspection commission and supervision agency to play their role, and identify areas where greater synergy can be created. Meanwhile, we will step up efforts to improve the system to mete out punishment and ensure prevention, establish three permanent mechanisms concerning the awareness campaigns about the need to uphold integrity, the supervision over and checks on conduct, and the warning, admonition and punishment of corruption. We are fully convinced that these efforts will enable us to take a holistic and coordinated approach to root out corruption in a timely manner. Such achievement will provide further impetus for the Company's robust development, doing our fair share for Caofeidian Industrial Zone in its effort to establish the system to mete out punishment and ensure prevention, and to improve Party conduct and uphold integrity.   

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