Cultural Construction 

Two poems about Caofeidian written by Zhao Xingyu from Caofeidian Development and Construction Co., Ltd.

Rising Caofeidian
Once a tiny island,Witnessing the ebb and flow of tide,Caofeidian,Takes a lighthouse as companion
Now a promising land,Rising with economic tide Caofeidian ,Serves as home to business giants,Programs build up momentum,Factories nestle among thriving gardens


Caofeidian Today

In the past,Sightseers were greeted by mirages.And seagulls circling above waves,A lonely lighthouse longed to encounter boats
At present Skyscrapers grace the island,Speedy cars and grumbling trains shake the land.Which give imperial consort Cao a start,To feast her eyes on the port



Written by Zhao Xingyu from Caofeidian Development and Construction Co., Ltd.

Our Team Building Program

Flowers grace hot summer days with vivid splashes of color. From 5 to 6 August, and from 12 to 13 in the same month, 80 employees of Caofeidian Holding Co., Ltd were led by Administrative Director Zhang Suna to engage in team building program at Mount Zushan, acclaimed as “Mount Huangshan in North China”, and at Nandaihe International Entertainment Center.

This program is designed to enhance team work, deepen bonding between employees, and enable them to enjoy enrichment activities after work. The energy drawn from secluded mountains and clear waters made them more engaged in work, creating development momentum for the Company.

Thanks to the ideal locations of this program, our employees gained an invaluable inspiration that stillness engenders power and inclusiveness expands benefits. They have not only found delight in beautiful scenery and had body exercised, but bonded with each other, making the program a complete success.

Our Team Building Program